Schoolwear Centres specialise in supplying school uniforms, with embroidered logos, to schools across the UK. Our year-round service saves you time, stress and money, offering all your school uniform needs in a single easy-to-use online shop and Shop locations across Essex. 

As part of our ongoing expansion, Schoolwear Centres can now offer your school the chance to make the lives of everybody, including parents, children, and staff a whole lot easier. Using the latest design and embroidery facilities Schoolwear Centres UK now gives every school the opportunity to offer a bespoke range of individually branded clothing, making the job of kitting out pupils a simple and straightforward process. Schoolwear Centres UK offers a wide range of clothing and uses state of the art technology to deliver precision embroidery services, even in limited quantities, eliminating the need for schools to hold large stocks in multiple sizes and styles

We stock more than 10,000 different items of School Wear. If your school has a preferred supplier that we don’t already stock, we’ll be surprised and do our best to get it. 

With your consent, Schoolwear Centres will be happy to embroider your school’s emblem, crest or logo on any item of clothing you require. Our precision equipment will deliver an exact copy of even the most intricate designs on every garment we supply.


Visit www.golden-embroidery.co.uk for our Embroidery only Services